The 4NEW Mission

There is no energy crisis, only a crisis of ignorance.
R. Buckminster Fuller.

4NEW Limited is the world’s first blockchain integrated Waste to Energy treatment facility.

Our product is grounded in necessities, solving two social problems, waste surplus and energy shortfall. Our blockchain platform will be built on top of the underlying treatment infrastructure covering the entire supply chain from collection of waste to generation of electricity to sale of energy units to the national grid or between consumers and industry peers. Given the utilitarian nature of our services, it is our belief that 4NEW will successfully integrate the blockchain network within the real world applications of waste to energy conversion with widespread acceptance.


Our mission is to provide a complete blockchain integrated, scalable, localized solution for Waste to Energy conversion with real time feedback for our consumers. By integrating the complete supply chain of Waste to Energy onto the blockchain network we create economies of scale and transparency that is passed along to the end consumer thereby generating savings and confidence while holding ourselves accountable.


  1. Function as a wholesaler, whereby we collect the waste and produce the energy by situating ourselves in close proximity to our consumers. This enables us to control the entire supply chain of waste and energy.

  2. Construct a blockchain integrated platform, that enables consumers to make immediate or timed payments for their waste collection and energy consumption on a monthly basis.

  3. Blockchain platform will also be integrated with the 4NEW Smart Meter to provide constant feedback on energy consumption by consumers. This will enhance 4NEW ability to track, monitor and provide stabilized supply of energy to its consumers.

  4. Revolutionize and Standardize two industries by providing a decentralized, open market blockchain integrated exchange to enable trading of the 4NEW Coin amidst industry peers and consumers globally.

  5. 4NEW business strategy will promote activity between the following consumer types:

    1. Business to Business

    2. Business to Consumer

    3. Consumer to Consumer

  6. Encourage adoption of the 4NEW Coin globally in the form of “Coin as a service” amidst industry peers and consumers. This will facilitate rapid global expansion.


Our strategy for growth and expansion is a global one, however, given that our management team has successfully identified the first licensed and zoned site within the United Kingdom, our pilot facility launch will be scheduled here.


Given the rampant acceptance of the blockchain network within the past decade, 4NEW envisions the blockchain community growing at an exponential pace as the platform enters MainStage. The data generated by this community will require additional servers installed in developing nations on continents such as Africa and Asia. These servers, will require a tremendous amount of energy in order to run efficiently. Developing nations are already dealing with significant energy shortfalls. The 4NEW solution will help bridge that gap for the blockchain network by setting up future plant sites in close proximity to urban centers where these data servers may be situated, thereby alleviating the burdens on the respective national electric grid. Kindly note, that given the Energy Gap, 4NEW has the ability to install Waste to Energy treatment sites anywhere in the world.


The 4NEW ecosystem includes the following:

  1. 4NEW Coin Limited - Provide “Coin as a Service” to industry peers, consumers and early adopters. Decentralized, open source blockchain integrated platform facilitating transactional exchange between Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) related to waste and energy markets.

  2. 4NEW Limited - Waste to Energy operating company.

  3. 4NEW Smart Meter Limited - Smart Meter leasing and operating company.

  4. 4NEW Assets Limited - Real estate asset holding company inclusive of property, plant and equipment